Obama? Hilary? Problem…?

  It is still 600 and some days left to the election and we are already being flooded by news and controversies about who is going to be in the running and why they shouldn’t be. The most interesting storyline so far has been the rise of two unlikely candidates… Hilary Clinton, and Barak Obama. Why you may ask? Well one’s a woman and the other black. And why in this day and age of freedom, progress, equality and diversity does that matter? Well for one, its a first… and that has people raising eyebrows questioning there own moral judgements.

Now, the funny thing is, the credibility of either candidate hasn’t even come into question yet. No questions like, what is the senate track record? What are the issues close to these people? What do they fight for? Instead, they have been labeled far before they should have. In the days of “Fuzzy Math” and “Flip Flopping” candidates, its rather sad that their identity… and maybe their fate as a politician may be decided, based on gender or race.

Im sure the republicans must be loving the unfolding of these events. It makes their weak case a lot stronger. Because what people dont want to hear or believe, is that a lot of people are still inherently racist and sexist. Now, that’s not to say that there isn’t a supporting cast for either candidate, but those who are going to be mulling their decision, wont have a tough time.

Will Hilary be able to overcome her husbands powerful shadow and her supposed “feminine inadequacy” to rule the free world? Will Obama be able to overcome a tarnished “muslim” past and the still lingering effects of a racial intolerance. Nobody can be sure. We will have to wait 600 and some days…


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~ by The Opinionated One on January 29, 2007.

One Response to “Obama? Hilary? Problem…?”

  1. Obama for President!!

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